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The Christian religion was cradled in the faith of Israel and has centrally the belief that there is one God. However, most Christians believe that they experience and respond to the one God in three distinct ways:

When Christians think about the universe, and the place of human beings in it, and all that they have been given, they worship God as Creator and Father.

When Christians look at Jesus, they see in him the expression in human form of all the qualities of God, especially love, and they worship Jesus as God and Saviour.

Although Jesus has ascended to the Father, Christians have continued to experience the presence, power and love of Jesus in the Church and in their own lives through the Holy Spirit, whom they therefore also worship as God.

There is no division in God. Father, Son and Holy Spirit exist as a perfect communion and known by Christians as the ‘Trinity’.

Christian beliefs spring from the Bible and are summarised in the historic creeds of the Church. The Bible is the record of God’s self revelation, supremely in Jesus Christ, and is a means through which God still reveals himself, by the Holy Spirit.

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God the Father is known as the giver of all life, the Creator of everything that exists and the Father of all humankind.  He is ‘the One in whom we all live and move and have our being’.  Through his ‘Word’ he called the world into being and made human beings in his own image.  Finally, he is above all a personal, not an abstract, being who seeks in holy love to save his creation from evil, aimlessness and sin.

Christians believe that God came into to the world uniquely in Jesus Christ, the man of Nazareth.  During his three short years of ministry those who heard and knew him gradually began to recognise in him the Divine presence.  His every word, gesture, story, healing and miracle reflected the nature of God; a life perfect in love and grace, beauty and truth.  He referred to himself as the way, the truth and the life.  It is, however, in his death and resurrection that Christians are most conscious of his true identity.


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